Sunday, October 23, 2011

8-27-11 Bits N Pieces The Friday Night Experiment pt Three ft Musicologist OneMasterMixer

1) Call Me - Gold Fish (Culoe De Song Remix)
2) Everything In It's Right Place - Radiohead (re-edit by afefe iku aka osunlade)
3) Tea Leaf Dancers - Flying Lotus
4) Love Commandments - Gisele Jackson(Danny Tenaglia Remix)
5) Voices In My Mind - Masters At Work(Maw Mix)
6) Time Warp - Eddy Grant (12'' Original Dub Mix)
7) Time Warp Revisited - Jose Burgos And The Players
8) Time Warp - Eddy Grant (Vocal)
9) Spank - Jimmy Bo Horne
10)Bango - The Todd Terry Project (To The Batmobile)
11)Movin (the) White Horse - Brass Construction / Laid Back
12)Bostich - Yello
13)Disco Circus - Martin Circus
14)Just Begun - Jimmy Castor Bumch
15)Stand in Line - ESG
16)Its that East Street Beat - Chocolette
16)Come & Fly with Me - DJ Pierre
17)Law & Order - Love Committee
18)Wear It Out - Stargard
19)Hurricane (Irene) - Grace Jones
20)Changes - Imagination

8-27-11 The Friday Night Experiment pt Two ft Musicologist OneMasterMixer


1) Bourgie Bourgie = Ashford & Simpson
2) I am the Black Gold of the Sun - Rotary Connection
3) It's Alright, I Feel It! - Nuyorican Soul (OneMasterMixer Soul Breakdown Heavy Remix)
4) Listen - Blaze(Roots Vocal)
5) Heaven - Sylvia Simone (Omm Remix)
6) Melting Pot - Boris Gardiner
7) Jus' Dance - Mr V (Quentin Harris mix)
8) Calma - Vega (Vega Harmonica Mix)
9) September Dolls Combers feat. Al Olive (Original Mix)
10)Just Listen - Urban Species (Maw Mix)
11)You Can Do It Baby - Nuyorican Soul feat George Benson (Nuyorican Style Mix)
12)I can't believe i loved her - Peven Everett (Danny Krivit Edit)
13)Kissing You - Miranda Nicole (WBLS Vox)
14)Elements Of Life - Louie Vega feat Blaze (Anto Vitale Bootleg)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Tribute to Ashford and Simpson 8-27-11 The Friday Night Experiment pt One ft Musicologist OneMasterMixer

RIP Nick - Love & Blessings

1) Nick Ashford Birthday Celebration
2) Gimme Something Real -
3) Is it still good to ya    
4) Solid [extended vocal]        
5) Stay free        
6) It Seems To Hang On (Remixed By Jimmy Simpson)    
7) Don't Cost You Nothing
8) Found A Cure (A Tom Moulton Mix)         
9) Over & Over    
10)Nobody Knows     
11)I'm Every Woman        
12)So So Satisfied        
13)Bourgie Bourgie  

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Sheltered Hubert Street Afternoon 8-19-11 The Friday Night Experiment pt Three ft Musicologist OneMasterMixer

1) Sing It Back - Moloko
2) God Made Me Funky - Poetic
3) The Bomb -The Buckethead
4) Dance - Earth People
5) So In Love - Black Rascals (Shelter mix) f/ Cassio Ware
6) The Piano - Black Rascals featuring The Piano Man(BLAZE)
7) Love So Special - Ceybil (Tony's Extended Remix)
8) Misery - Kimara Lovelance
9) Ride on the Rhythm (On a Sunday Afternoon)- Mahogany(Rudoulpho)
10)Sunday Afternoon - Rudoulpho
11)A Day In The Life - Black Riot (Todd Terry)
12)Elements Of Life - Louie Vega feat Blaze - (Anto Vitale Bootleg)
13)Reaching for the Stars - Fantastic Plastic Machine(MAW main mix)
14)Good Life - Inner City (Thomas Schumacher Remix) vs George Kranz - Dinn Daa Daa OMM Mash
15)The Poem - Bobby Konders
16)Time Warp - Eddy Grant
17)Who's That Lady - Isley Brothers
18)Mr. Melody Man - Fred Wesley and The Horny Horns
19)Move Me No Mountain - Chaka Khan
20)Tomorrow - The Brothers Johnson
21)Tomorrow - Quincy Jones (Feat. John Legend) 

Monday, October 3, 2011

8-19-11 The Friday Night Experiment pt Two ft Musicologist OneMasterMixer

1) Passion (In Me) - Steal Vybe(Ezel Remix)
2) Heaven - (Revocalized by Sylvia Simone remixed by OMM)
3) Heaven - Kem (Scott Wozniak)
4) Hellenbach feat Sylvia Simone Chills (Original Mix)
5) The Soul Divine Didn't You Know - DJ Serge Negri & Sylvia Simone(Serge Negri Mix)
6) Everything I Need - MdCL feat. Tosin Tao
7) Cheatin' Man - Soul Elevation Music pres. A.David(Vocal Reprise Mix)
8) Papa Was A Rolling Stone - The Temptations (Danny Howells Stripped Down Mix)
9) Peggy Lee - Fever (PrivateEar re-edit)
10)Perfectly - The Layabouts feat. Shea Soul(The Layabouts Vocal Mix)
11)The Boss - Mustafa feat. Tasita D'Mour (Groove Assassin Remix)
12)The Boss - Diana Ross (Chosen Few Mix)
13)The Boss - Diana Ross (David Morales Remix)    


8-19-11 The Friday Night Experiment pt One ft Musicologist OneMasterMixer

1) The Ghetto i Donny Hathaway
2) Burning Love Breakdown - Peter Brown
3) Call Me - Gold Fish (Culoe De Song Remix)
4) This Is How it Goes - Goldfish(Black Coffee Remix)
5) Chit Chat Cajmere - (Clubhouse Mix)
6) Crying For Love - Manoo & Francois A Feat. Dyanna Fearon (Vocal Mix)
7) Stay - Phil Marwood (Deeper Edit and Tony Loreto & Toro - Club Remix)
8) Blows You Away - Distant People feat. Chappell(Mr. Moon & John Crockett Vocal Mix)
9) Door Is Open - Sandy Spady (Sean4sound Remix)
10)What A Way - DJN Project & Kenny Bobien (John Crockett Vocal Mix)
11)Brighter Days - Big Moses Featuring Kenny Bobien (original Mix)
12)Brighter Days - Cajmere Ft Dajae(Louies Masters At Work Mix)
13)My Passion - Cubique DJ CB feat. Amera Light (Gordheaven Rhytmic Soul Mix)  

Saturday, October 1, 2011

8-12-2011 The Friday Night Experiment pt two ft Musicologist OneMasterMixer