Thursday, July 26, 2012

DJ Shell - Episode 13

The Download

Track List
1.Kym Mazelle - Tase my Love orig mix
2.Peven Everett - Feelin you
3.Adeva - In out of my life
4.Timmy Regisford - Conoa
5.Loni Clark - Rushin dub
6.Tumi - Find you
7.Timmy Regisford - ?
8.Busi Mhlongo - Isono Sami
9.Busi Mhlongo - Yapheli Shelter remix
10.Mzee - Mahuwele
11.Eddie Stockley - Tell me somethin
12.Boddhi Satva - Ngnari Konon
13.Leela James - My Joy shelter organ remix
14.Danny Clark - Second Chance bang the drum mix
15.Racus - Cantus Das tres shelter mix
16.Koloke - West african Guiter
17.Rume - Heart broken
18.Nina Simone - Blackbird shelter mix
19.Jill Scott - Imagine sheltermix
20.Silent Monkz - Eldery Celebration
21.Ziggy Funk - Don't be afraid libation mix
22.Regina Bell - Baby come to me shelter mix

Monday, July 23, 2012

DJ Uncle Troy - Coffee Shop Session 7-21-12

The Download

Been a while folks. But it's time for a mix you'll find your self singing along too. Nothing but heaters for you, Unc's vocal session. Soulful,deep,afro. I'm not trying to take over the Dj world, Just expressing my self through playing music, for my sanity, in todays world. Hope you enjoy let the vibe carry your problems away! unc

DJ Ruben R - House on Fire

The Download

Mr Tony Dennis - A Trip Through My Mind

The Download

The Track List
1. Bossruu feat. Wandile - Ngawe
2. Boxx, Wincie - Music Is My Love
3. Cafrodeep - Speechless
4. Charles Dockins - Flowers With Kisses
5. Hudson People - Trip To Your Mind
6. Mmelashon - I Am Blessed
7. Glenn Underground - Forgotten Art
8. Glenn Underground Pres Reggie Hall feat. Byron Stingily - Now That I Got To Know You
9. Samson Lewis - The Maxi Track
10. Davidson Ospina feat.Rainy Payne - Night Vission
11. Distant People, Chappell - Blows You Away
12. Jonny Montana, Craig Stewart, Christa - Slow & Steady
13. Groove Assassin, Tantra Zawadi, Dana Byrd - African Sunrise
14. Ananda Project - Fireworks

DJ Glenn - Ride like the Wind!!!!!!!!

The Cloud

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tribute to Larry Levan 2012 - Musicologist OneMasterMixer

The Cloud

The Download

The Track List
1) No Way Back (ron hardy re-edit) - The Dells
2) Walking On Sunshine - Rockers Revenge
3) Walking on Sunshine - Eddy Grant
4) The Funky Chicken - Rufus Thoma
5) Body Music - The Strikers
6) Is It All Over My Face - Loose Joints (both versions)
7) Once In A Lifetime - Talking Heads
8) Put The Music Where Your Mouth Is - Olympic Runners
9) Galaxy - War
10) Moody - ESG
11) Like This - Chip E. & K-Joy
12) It's Music- Damon Harris
13) Weekend - Phreek
14) Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Inner Life
15) Choosing You - Lenny Williams
16) Happy Song Or Dance - Rare Earth

Sunday, July 15, 2012

DJ ARCH Soulful House Mastermix (Mix#77)

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

DJ Ruben R - Music Feeds My Soul

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DJ Phantom - Hope's Choosing

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mr. Tony Dennis - Get Down!


1. Matthew Yates - Music
2. Iklwa Brothers - Dance To Sax
3. Danny Clark, Jay Benham, Jocelyn Mathieu - Second Chance
4. Discorados - Get Down - Saturday Night
5. Groove Assassin, Tantra Zawadi, Dana Byrd - African Sunrise
6. Deep Sixty feat. Cooks - Dance In Afrika
7. Kimara Lovelace - Merry Go Round
8. Zaki Ibrahim - Swimming
9. Dom Navarra feat. Antonio - Endless Possibilities
10. Eddie Stockley - Tell Me Sumthin
11. Nastee Nev feat. Donald Sheffey - Deep Xcape Mix
12. Jonny Montana & Blick Bassy - Boum (Deemac Remix)
13. Dom Navarra feat. Antonio Navarra - Search 2 Find The Real
14. Lem presents Allen Travis - Reach 4 The Stars

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

DJ SHELL - Episode 12

1000 Feet Deep Prod
One Big Mash Up Pt 9
1.Get Deep Edit
2.Black Rascals - On my mind
3.Want to be Edit
4.Faith Evans - Catch Feelings shelter mix
5.Ten City - Satisfaction
6.Anita Baker - No one in the world shelter mix
7.Dj Rasoul - I want to love you
8.MoodyFreaks Fea. Donald Shelly - Wonderful
9.Ray & Alex - For the love blaze mix
10.Dj Phat Cat - You Broke my Heart
11.Dj Steavy Fea. Young Popular - You & I
12.Lisa Stansfield - People hold on blaze mix
13.Earth Wind & Fire - Evil shelter mix
14.Saxture Fea K-Modi - Got to keep on movin
15.My Bang Edit
16.Lil Louis Fea ChinaBlac - Fable
17.Devil Bass Edit
18.Lil Louis - It Feels good to feel
19.Risky Bass Edit
20.Jodeci - Can you stand the rain shelter mix
21.Detroit Experiment - Think Twice
22.Chi-lites - My first mistake
23.Nature L - Ancestrail Godz
24.Elements of life - In my Life
25.Blaq Soul - Chi Chi Ba
26.Kem - Tonight Bang the drum mix
26.The rain Edit
27.Giovanni Ikome - Noa bout love
28.K.o.t - Come on
29.Heather Headley - He is
30.Ikome - Noa bout love organ mix
31.Bohannon Stompin Edit
32.Margaret Grace - What ya ganna do
33.Angela Bofil - Angel of the night

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mr Tony Dennis - Shazam!!!!

Dj Ruben R - House Music

DJ Ruben R - Releasing the Rhythms